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Mar 01, 2019


With the emerging markets spaces and new areas of businesses unboxed, young and thriving entrepreneurs now have the means to realize their vision without having to burn huge amounts of capital or stake personal properties as collateral to raise funding. Here, we have come up with the best small business ideas for you that require low investment but yield exponential results.

Top 8 small business ideas that predict maximum disruption

  • App design:

The market as a unit is looking to imbibe the mobile first strategy to drive new user acquisition and to be more accessible. In a market like this, the opportunity is ripe and is for the taking. With a team of qualified professionals and near zero investment, you could become the next go-to guy for app development and maintenance for the service providers and startups around you.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

With the e-commerce boom, more and more traditional retail users are looking to make the jump for the convenience, enhanced user experience, and for the lucrative pricing. In this mega-switch, e-commerce players are looking to pay affiliate marketers to get more potential users on board. If you think your website has what it takes and with the right team, affiliate marketing could be a business idea with low investment and high yield that you were looking for.

  • Food Trucks:

The food business has always been on the higher end in terms of ROI. The unit economics of roadside food trucks will leave you amazed. With the right servings and pricing structure, your food trucks business could be on the high rise.

The estimated profits for a food truck business on a monthly basis are speculated to range between 180 to 200 percent. Sounds lucrative? Go all in!

  • Organic Farming:

Farming has always been a very profitable business when done right. Organic farming is the icing on the top that takes it a mile ahead. With the government’s initiatives and measures in place to promote farming, getting a loan for agriculture if required will not be a troublesome procedure.

With organic farming, the yield though less is sold at a marginally higher price, thus leaving with the profits. The best part is, the absence of pesticides is felt.

  • Language Training:

With the world going global, it is imperative for every individual looking to reap the benefits of this to be equipped with the tools required to communicate their thoughts fluently. In this case, speak foreign languages.

If you are proficient in speaking foreign languages like French, German, or Spanish, you have your new small ideas with low business investment and high yield.

  • Freelancing:

The world is looking for the right talent and thanks to improved telecommunication and internet services, being physically present at a particular location is no longer the requirement. You can either choose to be part of this revolution as an individual contributor or pick a team of associates from your previous experiences to take on bigger projects that require more manpower. Freelancing is one of the small business ideas with low investment and high profit you should definitely think of.

  • Pet care:

If you love pets and would do anything in the world to be around them for a little while longer, then, converting your love for them into a profitable business is a good idea.

With pet owners and their dynamic schedules, being available to provide quality care in their absence can be a good business model. And, don’t be alarmed to know, that the returns on this are very high while the investment is meager.

Nutrition and diet services:

The world is moving towards being fitter and healthier. With Instagram and other social media influencers urging their followers to switch to regulated diets and daily exercise, more and more people are now looking forward to imbibing those practices.

Providing personalized diet services along with nutrition-rich food can be your next big small business idea with low investment and high profit.

By catering to this segment of users, not only will your competition be filtered, you’ll still be able to make huge chunks of profit by falling under the food business.

If you are looking for the next big idea that will give you the entrepreneurial wings, then, you’re at the right place. That said, if you already have the big idea in mind and are looking to raise capital to meet those initial expenses, then, all you have to do is say hi, we’ll hand-hold you through the process of raising capital, educate you of the steps, options, and help you make an informed decision.

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